Fluoride Treatment in Yorba Linda

girl-sealantHalloween is coming up soon! This is the time when children take a lot of sugar and other things that are harmful to their teeth. You should take your children for fluoride treatment in Yorba Linda to ensure that they have healthy teeth at all time. Fluoride is one of the most effective things known to man that can effectively prevent tooth decay. That is why it is very important for people, especially children to get fluoride treatments at least two time every year.

Fluoride is available in some foods and in water supplies. Fluoride gets into the surface of the teeth and strengthens them to make them resistant to tooth decay. The systemic application of fluoride by a dentist helps to strengthen the teeth that have erupted and those that are still developing under the gum. There are plenty of reasons why it is very important for children to get fluoride treatments. They need these treatments because of the following reasons:

  1. Little exposure to fluorides

If your children have not been getting adequate fluoride from food and water, it will be best if they get fluoride treatment. It is hard to tell whether your children have adequate exposure to fluoride. The only person who can tell is dentist. A dentist will be able to examine a child’s teeth and determine whether he/she has been getting adequate fluoride or not.

  1. Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a lot of oral problems. If you have not been keen to ensure that your children have good oral hygiene, it is very important to ensure that you take them for fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments will help to strengthen their teeth to mitigate the harmful effects of poor oral hygiene. Keep in mind that they will have to maintain a good oral hygiene going forward to protect their teeth.

  1. Intake of carbohydrates and sugars

Children take a lot sugar and carbohydrates. They will probably take even more sugar this Halloween. By taking them for fluoride treatment, you are helping them to prevent the harmful effects of sugar and carbohydrates on their teeth. Sugar is the worst enemy to healthy teeth. If you can’t keep your children away from sugar, the best thing to do is ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect their teeth from the harmful effects of sugar.

  1. Inadequate flow of saliva because of medical conditions or medications

The flow of saliva helps to prevent tooth decay. Unfortunately, a child may not have adequate flow of saliva because of a medical condition or the medications that he/she is taking. It is very important for a child suffering from inadequate flow of saliva to get fluoride treatments.

  1. A history of decay

There are children who are more prone to tooth decay than others. It is very important for such children to get fluoride treatments every once in awhile.

There are many other reason why children need fluoride treatments. To make sure that your children have beautiful healthy teeth, ensure that you take them for Fluoride Treatment in Yorba Linda. Contact us today to set your appointment at 1-714-695-9992.