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Dental Sealants in Yorba Linda

girl sealantAs parents, everyone knows that your child deserves the best of the best. It’s hard to argue that the greatest things we can give them is the gift of healthy teeth! Oral health is extremely important towards a person’s optimal well-being, more so for kids who have a bright future ahead. You can save them from the misery that may arise from pain, discomfort, and confidence issues brought about by teeth problems by letting them benefit from Matthew Cilderman DDSDental Sealants in Yorba Linda. Allow your child to fully enjoy childhood and his or her teenage years, eventually growing into a happier adult that still manages a genuine, beautiful smile!

What are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a thin, clear or white plastic film that’s coated on the teeth’s chewing surfaces where most grooves are, which then quickly bonds into pits and fissures to prevent cavities and the formation of tooth decay. It’s estimated that about 90% of tooth decay that school children experience occurs in these areas.

Studies prove that dental sealants are absolutely effective when properly applied, acting as a barrier that fights off cavities. In line with this, its application is geared towards national oral health objectives of increasing the number of children and teens who receive dental sealants on molar teeth, as stated in Healthy People 2020 by the US Dept of Health and Human Services.

The Importance of Dental Sealants

The development of pits and fissures can begin early in life, usually around the premolars and molars, making kids and teenagers greatly benefit from dental sealants, but adults alike can enjoy the goodness it brings. Even young and fresh baby teeth can be given optimal care by having them painted with Dental Sealants in Yorba Linda by your trusted dentist.

Though frequent brushing and flossing is both desirable habits, the bristles and floss cannot reach all the way deep into depressions and nooks. The tooth’s pits and fissures are likely to trap dental plaque, debris, tiny food particles and microscopic bacteria. These cavities cannot penetrate through and work its way around a dental sealant.This is precisely how a dental sealant serves its purpose well in between regular, thorough dental cleanings – by “sealing out” vulnerable areas of teeth from food, plaque, and tooth decay.

How are Sealants Applied?

Dental Sealants in Yorba Linda performed by an expert, professional dentist ensures a simple, painless procedure that only takes a few minutes for each tooth. You are bound to receive exceptional service that elicits long-term benefits. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. The tooth to be sealed is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Your dentist sees to it that the tooth is dried, then places a cotton around it to ensure it stays dry.
  3. A solution is applied to roughen the surface, which helps the sealant bond easier to your tooth.
  4. The tooth is then rinsed and dried, then a new cotton is placed to ensure it is kept dry.
  5. The liquid dental sealant is painted on to your tooth enamel, which bonds directly and hardens in seconds.

Your tooth is now protected! If other teeth, if not all are to be sealed, the same process will be followed through. Prevention is better than cure, which is quite true when it comes to caring for teeth and providing utmost protection. Contact us today for more information on the best Dental Sealants in Yorba Linda!